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Mobbing a story

Lessons learned from a team's first few mob programming sessions Agile General Productivity Social image

Mob programming can be a great way of sharing knowledge, building ownership, as well as a way of getting a story done with everyone checking it. Although this can be slower because of everyone having an opinion, I do strongly believe that it results in a higher quality implementation with a greater chance of being functionally correct and bug free. I thought it would be helpful to share our learnings while completing a fairly complex story using mob programming.

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This one trick will make you a better leader

Learn how to be a better leader by applying this one thing

General Life Meditation Mindfulness Morality

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Employees are like cars not petrol

Musings about what it takes to keep talent


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Leader Archetypes

Some thoughts on why people would follow certain styles of leadership


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3 tips for more maintainable unit tests

Avoid having to fix dozens of tests every time you make a significant code change

Clean Code TDD

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Managing Code Complexity

7 tips for keeping code as simple as possible

Clean Code DDD Design Patterns Functional

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Why I got hooked on F#

My path to embracing functional programming


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An argument for functional programming

Convincing your boss to let you use fsharp at work

Functional OOP F#

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Touched by God

Encountering the supernatural or just your own mind?

General Meditation Mindfulness Science

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Hypothesis: Moral behavior is rewarded

Self experimentation and subjective observations on morality

General Morality Science

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