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Anatomy of an automated test suite

Looking at the parts and functions of various automated test types Testing ATDD BDD TDD Social image

Unit, integration, end-to-end, acceptance, UI tests, and more. With so many types of automated tests is it no wonder that we so often disagree on whether something is an acceptance test or an integration test? Or maybe an end-to-end test? What if instead of thinking about the structure of the test, what it tested, we instead considered the question that the test is answering...

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The Page Module Model with F# and Canopy

Its like testing with the Page Object Model but way way cooler

Canopy Functional F# Testing BDD

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Writing readable Acceptance tests

A story about getting Acceptance tests just right


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The torch bearer

Software, leadership, and a walk in the dark

General Life Team Lead

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Mobbing a story

Lessons learned from a team's first few mob programming sessions

Agile General Productivity

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This one trick will make you a better leader

Learn how to be a better leader by applying this one thing

General Life Meditation Mindfulness Morality Team Lead

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Employees are like cars not petrol

Musings about what it takes to keep talent

General Life Team Lead

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Leader Archetypes

Some thoughts on why people would follow certain styles of leadership

General Life Team Lead

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3 tips for more maintainable unit tests

Avoid having to fix dozens of tests every time you make a significant code change

Clean Code TDD

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Managing Code Complexity

7 tips for keeping code as simple as possible

Clean Code DDD Design Patterns Functional

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