Check-in and Check-out

Measuring the perceived effectiveness of a retrospective


Someone must have thought of this before but I have not read this anywhere so I thought I would jot it down. I recently ran a retrospective that I thought went really well, and apparently so did everyone else...

Measure with Check-in and Check-out

if you don't measure something how can you know if it improving? It is a staple of development so why shouldn't we apply it to our meetings as well. It is really easy.

  1. At the start of the retrospective ask everyone to write down a single word (or phrase) that sums up there feeling about how things are going
  2. Ask if anyone would like to share what they wrote down (can be more than one or even everybody)
  3. Do your retrospective
  4. Repeat step 1 at the end of the retrospective and see if anything changed



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