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The meaning of meditation

A tour of areas that can be improved by skillful application of meditation techniques Meditation Mindfulness Morality Social image

Skills of meditation

Meditation. Often described as clearing your mind. Following your breath. Relaxing. Although the most common descriptions, they are the least interesting activities of meditation. They do not capture the rich depth of the techniques that can be found in the many contemplative traditions throughout history. During this weird time of a global pandemic, I believe these techniques can be especially helpful.

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Creating a Prometheus parser: Fennel

A quick tour of using FParsec to write a Prometheus parser

F# Prometheus Fennel FsAdvent

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Converting between F# and C# types

Breaking down conversions between C# and F# collections and functions

F# C# Collections

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Reliability with Intents

Telling the world about state changes

F# Clean Code Architecture Messaging FsAdvent

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Canopy from a FSX Script

The bare minimum needed to get Canopy up and running

Canopy Functional F# Testing Selenium

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Review: F# unit testing frameworks and libraries

A review of XUnit, FsUnit, Unquote, and Expecto

F# Testing TDD FsAdvent

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How to F# - Part 10

Writing your first F# application

Functional F# .NET .NET Core Tutorial

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How to F# - Part 9

Working with databases in F#

Functional F# .NET

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How to F# - Part 8

Handling Errors Elegantly

Functional F# .NET

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How to F# - Part 7

Working with collections

Functional F# .NET

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