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Capturing custom business metrics in Azure Functions

A Proof-of-concept for scraping Prometheus metrics from Azure Functions

F# Observability Prometheus

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Prometheus Datadog Agent

Setting up a Datadog agent to pull from a Prometheus endpoint

Prometheus Datadog Observability

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Local Prometheus setup

Setting up Prometheus locally with Docker

Prometheus Docker Observability

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The meaning of meditation

A tour of areas that can be improved by skillful application of meditation techniques

Meditation Mindfulness Morality

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Creating a Prometheus parser: Fennel

A quick tour of using FParsec to write a Prometheus parser

F# Prometheus Fennel FsAdvent

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Converting between F# and C# types

Breaking down conversions between C# and F# collections and functions

F# C# Collections

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Reliability with Intents

Telling the world about state changes

Distributed Systems F# Clean Code Architecture Messaging FsAdvent

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Canopy from a FSX Script

The bare minimum needed to get Canopy up and running

Canopy Functional F# Testing Selenium

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Review: F# unit testing frameworks and libraries

A review of XUnit, FsUnit, Unquote, and Expecto

F# Testing TDD FsAdvent

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How to F# - Part 10

Writing your first F# application

Functional F# .NET .NET Core Tutorial

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